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Your wedding day is one that you will remember forever. Tomorrow and the next day you may still be able to picture the venue, the decorations, the guests, and the loving smiles. But ten, twenty, and thirty years from now, those memories will be shaped by the moments preserved on film. Which is why it is important that those special moments are captured with art, grace, and a discerning eye.


I was the first photographer in St. Louis to adopt a photojournalistic approach to wedding photography. My mission is to document the history of the wedding from the bride getting dressed to the ceremony, the journey to the reception, and the final goodbyes. I mix a limited number of traditional posed shots with discreet and natural candids. With two photographers at every wedding, I make sure that we are in the right place, at the right time, to capture those sweet and perishable moments that you will cherish forever.


I addition, I am known as a master of natural light. My cameras are equipped not only to shoot action shots of the dancing and celebration with flash, but also to capture the ambient light of the room. With my photographs from the reception, you will not only be able to remember the fun and laughter of the couple, their family, and the guests, but also the ambience of the room, the glow of the decorations, and the feeling of the moment. In fact, I commonly shoot 3,000 pictures at a single wedding to ensure that I don’t miss a single moment. By staying in touch with the industry and experimenting with the latest and greatest in albums and picture books, I also produce the best quality albums with more pages and more photographs.


I look forward to meeting you and beginning to build the relationship that will let me preserve your wedding in a style that is beautiful and timeless and, more importantly, your own.